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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Island Aesthetics is a premier Aesthetic Salon that offers Viora Technology, one of a kind, revolutionary approach to skin tightening, cellulite reduction, body & facial contouring, skin rejuvenation, hair removal, acne clearance, vascular lesions, and more to give you the fabulous look that you deserve. 


Our Mission

Island Aesthetics was founded by a group of professionals from different aspects of medicine with a common goal in mind - assisting patients to achieve their best appearance through new technology.  Besides gaining confidence that one is a better version of themselves, health benefits from rejuvenation and renewal become apparent nearly immediately.  Offering a variety of procedures utilizing Viora's revolutionary radio wave and IPL technology results in improvement with minimal downtime or pain. 


Contact us to find out what exciting personalized treatments await!  We offer complimentary 15-minute in-person initial consultations.

Meet Our Talented Team


Susan H. Senft,
MD - Ophthalmologist &

Certified Viora Beauty Practitioner 

Island Eye Care Associates

Everyone who books an appointment with Dr. Senft, our incredible MD, finds that with great dedication to her craft, comes unmatched perfection. Since 1986 (GW Medical School, Baylor residency), who has pursued a life-long passion for cosmetic surgery involving the face, near the eyes. The past few years, her areas of clinical expertise overlap and complement each other as evidenced by her performance on examinations and most recently, Viora's advanced radiofrequency/IPL technology.  Acquiring this device has enabled Dr. Senft to offer a more complete spectrum of rejuvenation as a natural addition to traditional eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty), dermal fillers, and botulinum.  Her skill set combined with a unique talent for bringing out the beauty in you is why clients come back to her time and again. Contact and book your appointment with Dr. Senft at Island Aesthetics to see how you can benefit from her expertise to put your individualized best face forward.  

Dr. Beth Groshong, DO -
Anesthesiologist & Certified Viora Beauty Practitioner

Pacific Islands Anesthesia, LLC

Jade McGaff
Certified Viora Beauty Practitioner

Amy Martin
Registered Nurse Aesthetician &
Viora Beauty Professional

Valery Myers
  Registered Nurse 
Viora Beauty Professional

Shantel Kimi
Registered Nurse  Aesthetician & 
Viora Beauty Professional

Linda Jo Kolder
Viora Beauty Professional

Our Clients

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